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Welcome! SlickTown is a Utah based company that started in 2011 with one goal in mind - to provide the answer to one of life’s post perplexing questions; “What am I going to do tonight?” It's a question that can create anxiety, tension, hard feelings and, if left unanswered, even boredom! Relax, now you have one place you can go to find all sorts of options

Utah has tons of exciting events happening every day and we do our best to capture those events and deliver them to you via our fun and informative calendar. Events make it to our calendar in two ways. First, we visit dozens of websites and community resources and update our calendar with events we feel are relevant to our citizens. We do this on a monthly basis. Second, people who want to advertise their events to our citizens can post them on our calendar for free.

As our site grows and new features are added, use this page to find answers to any questions you might have. You can read through the page in its entirety or use the links below to jump to a specific section:
How to use our site
To Do+
Social media
Post your event
Additional advertising options

Thanks for stopping by our little town. We hope you love our calendar, and we know you will find many new and exciting ways to spend your time. We appreciate your help in spreading the word. So be sure and tell your friends about the fastest growing town in Utah. With no taxes, friendly neighbors, and a party every night.

How to use our site

Although you can find many events that are scheduled months out, our main focus is to post a variety of options within the next thirty days. Use the calendar icon to see what is happening on a specific day, or click on any of the category icons across the top of the calendar to filter events for that specific category. For example, if you wanted a quick view of what concerts are coming up simply click the “Music” icon. This will generate a list of concerts only. When you find the one that makes you smile share it. Tell your friends by clicking on the Facebook or twitter icons under the event name. This is a fun and easy way to share the events you're interested in, and see who else is interested in going.


We added the “to do +” feature so you can have one place to view the events you are most excited about. When you're surfing through our site and come across an exciting event, click on the “to do +” icon. This will store the event in your “To Do List.” You can view your list anytime by clicking on the “To Do List” tab at the top of the calendar. We added this tool so you can quickly get the information you need without having to search for it again. To use this feature you will need to register as a citizen of SlickTown. But don’t worry it’s free and we will never release your personal information to anyone.

Socail Media

Take full advantage of our efforts by following us on Facebook and twitter.
  • Facebook
    We use Facebook to inform you about any deals, discounted tickets, meet-n-greets, pre-sales, giveaways, contests and special or unique events. We follow dozens of venues, promoters, radio stations, local blogs, and local reporters to stay on top of the best offers and deals around. We then use our Facebook page to keep you informed. www.facebook.com/slicktown

  • Twitter
    Twitter is the best way to stay informed on a daily basis. We tweet out favorite events that are happening that day or that week. Make sure to add us to your lists and always stay informed about the most exciting and unique events. @slicktown

  • Blog
    The blog is where we get to blab about anything we want. We use it to talk about our experiences at an event or to spread the word about an upcoming event we are excited about. It’s a fun way to stay informed.

    Also, if you have a blog that you are trying to promote let us help. If you write about us in one of your posts we well return the favor by telling our friends and followers about your blog through our Facebook and twitter accounts. Just send us a link to your blog post, about us, by using the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page. After reading the post we will return the love right away.

Post your event

Everyone who has been involved with coordinating an event knows that one of the hardest parts is promoting it. This can also be the most expensive. With SlickTown, you now have an extra tool available to you.

We spend a lot of time and money promoting our site and driving traffic to it. The vast majority of our web traffic consists of local people looking for something to do. Our population is growing and people are talking. Take advantage of our efforts. Post your events on our calendar. Now, pat yourself on the back and allow yourself a sigh of relief because it’s free!

Scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours

To reach an even larger audience help us spread the word about SlickTown. Once you enter an event, you’ll first need to wait for it to be approved by us. When you receive the approval email, visit the site and use the calendar icon to view your event by clicking on the day of the event. Now simply click the Facebook and/or twitter icon, right bellow your event, to share your event with your friends and followers.

With a tweet just mention us @slicktown. When we see the mention, we will also tweet your event to our followers. We will share an event once a day for every day you take advantage of this feature.

After sharing on Facebook visit our Facebook page and leave us a message or post to our wall. Simply say, "Tag you’re it." When we get your message we will also share your event with our Facebook friends. We will share once a week for every week you take advantage of this feature.

Additional advertising options

Still interested in more options?

Good, cause we have two others to choose from:

First, our blog: We use the blog to talk about upcoming shows and events that we are excited about. If you want us to blog specifically about your event, it will only cost four tickets to that event. We are constantly giving away free tickets to help promote our site and are willing to give you even more publicity for providing us with tickets to your event.

Second, banner ads: We currently have four ads on our home page, two 170x350px and two 170x105px. This is obviously the best place to be seen on the site. We are offering one of the large banners for six tickets, or one of the small banners for four tickets. Keep in mind the ticket giveaway is just one more way to spread the word about your event. We send out e-mails to all our citizens informing them about ticket giveaways. We also talk about them on Facebook and twitter. This option will be the most cost effective way you will find anywhere to promote your event. You can’t go wrong.

If you need us to create the ad for you we can do that too. It will only cost you two more tickets.

This is the best way to advertise! No out of pocket expense and you’re targeting your exact market — local people looking for something to do. If you’re ready to take advantage of any of these options simply click the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page.

Good luck with your event. We here at SlickTown wish you the best in your efforts to make Utah an exciting place to be!
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